"We the People"



1) We believe that everyone

deserves a voice.


2) We believe that actions

speak louder than words.


3) We believe that physical touch

is better than verbal affection.


Therefore, every television

should be a personal computer,

so that people

can gather physically

and collaborate fully

for enhanced relationships.


Of the People

Created by two restaurateurs to

bring friends & families together.


They called it "Breaking

bread under the big screen."


By the People

Providing light manufacturing

livable wage jobs where you live.


Hand-made by your neighbors;

not poor slave-labor children.


For the People

Unlimited access to the

entire world from the comfort of your favorite couch using

equipment you already own.


Designed exclusively for your

preferred mouse & keyboard.



Think Bigger.

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Email: lifehack@bigscreenbrands.com

Phone: +1 (541) 241-7820

Visit: Bend, OR U.S.A.

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