Do you want to make a difference?


Do you want to live like

you're on vacation every day?


As long as you are kicking ass

at work, you might as well do it

in the number one small city.*

(According to Forbes)







At Bigscreen® Brands:


Our purpose is to promote

Personal Computer Television

since Apple TV, Roku TV,

Smart TV, Cable TV, and

Broadcast TV are so 1999.


We believe in a lifestyle

of excellence, and we believe

your television is an outlet

for promoting your lifestyle.


We want to help you

live your best life by:


1) Giving you complete access to everything online, from your television.


2) Crushing the price of content, on your television, by giving you greater access.


3) Encouraging you to be in the same room with the people you love; Touching, collaborating, laughing, and experiencing the world from your bigscreen.


Watch us grow,

email us,

call us,

visit us,

buy our stuff,

sign up for our updates,

and apply today, please.


You will be glad you did.










Think Bigger.

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