Bigscreen Brands

Watch, Work, Game, or Shop

on Bigger Screens.

Turn Your Television Into A Personal Computer!


Fighting Poverty, One Television At A Time.


Did you know?


78% of Americans

living in poverty

watch reality tv shows.


73% of them do it

on a "smart" tv device

like an Apple TV or Roku.




The rich get richer

and the poor stay poor

because of their habits.


A rich person Curates their habits

like building an art gallery.


A poor person Allows others

to choose their habits.




We were raised by a Banker

and an Aerospace Technician,

so we lived a Curated Lifestyle.


In 1977, we bought

our first personal computer

and attached the television.


Goodbye Broadcast Television,

hello Fast and Curious.




When we became adults,

we continued our Curated Lifestyle.


In 2007, we bought a Bigscreen

and attached a Personal Computer.


Goodbye Netflix,

hello World Wide Web.




We believe that privilege

comes with an obligation;

make the world better

and give back.


We believe in American Jobs

with a livable wage;

Making Products

we can be proud of.


We believe that you

are better than a robot.




Smart TVs are broadcast television

just like cable or satellite.


Smart TVs give you choices that

someone else has picked for you.


That’s why they call it





On top of all that, your phone

keeps you away from

the people you love and value.




Connect a PC to your TV.


You will be the richer for it.




That is why we do

what we do at

Bigscreen Brands.